Behind the scenes on our bike-packing photoshoot

At Kids Ride Shotgun, we’re passionate about making it easier for parents to hit the trails with their little ones – so when we discovered another local New Zealand company Aeroe, with the mission to make bike packing adventures easier and more accessible to more people, we couldn't wait to test out their gear.

If you haven’t heard of them, Aeroe was founded in 2017 by brothers Mike and Paddy Maguire – and was inspired by their father Pat, a pioneer who loved inventing and riding in equal measure. In our recent behind-the-scenes shoot with the Aeroe bike packing setup, we found their gear stylish and simple to use. In particular, we found their spider rack system super versatile, showing it could easily meet the needs of even the most adventurous bikepacking parent out there. 

And if you needed a reminder that bikepacking with toddlers is not only possible, but also incredibly rewarding, give Katrien De Smet’s story a read. Katrien and her husband traveled for over two months, crossing hundreds of kilometers of gravel and forest on the European Divide Trail. 

As more and more parents start bike packing with kids, we’re eager to share more content and insider gear tips to help you and your family plan the ultimate adventure. But in the meantime, we hope you enjoy these snaps of Aeroe and our Pro Seat on a Focus JAM2 6.7 E-Bike, captured on a rainy day at Summerhill Mountain Bike Park in Papamoa, New Zealand.

shotgun seat and bike packing kitCaptured on a rainy day at Summerhill Mountain Bike Park in Papamoa, New Zealand

bike packing set up for riding with kidsBike packing gear by Aeroe 

Aeroe bike packing gear

 bike packing set up for riding with toddlersThe ultimate bike-packing setup on a Focus JAM2 6.7 E-Bike 

bike packing with kids set up

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