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Between the rides: How to build the MTB stoke at home

Whilst getting to spend time together on the trails with your little one riding shotgun, or balance biking, is undoubtedly what we all look forward to, keeping the stoke alive goes beyond time spent on the bikes. We recommend introducing your child to the world of mountain biking right at home – and here are some ideas to get you started:

Make Bikes Available for Play

Having bikes readily available for play at home can be a game-changer. Keeping your balance bike or pedal bike easily accessible and allowing your kid to ride around the yard or even inside the house (if space allows) will encourage mountain biking to become a part of their daily life. This not only helps develop better bike-handling skills but also keeps the excitement alive between your adventures.

Work on Your Bikes Together

Get your child involved in bike maintenance and repair, especially if they have their own bike – if not, let them assist you in cleaning, oiling, or changing parts on your mountain bike. This hands-on learning experience can deepen their connection to the sport, and witnessing your passion for it will pique their own curiosity.

MTB Films and Videos

Watching age-appropriate mountain biking films together is a great way to get kids excited about epic descents, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling stunts. This can inspire and educate them about the world of mountain biking.

Use MTB-Themed Games and Books

Explore mountain biking-themed games and books that are suitable for your child's age. These can be both entertaining and educational.

It’s important to remember that although you have a deep connection with riding, mountain biking can often seem like an adult sport. However you can help to make it can be made fun and relatable for kids with a few simple steps:

Allow Them to Customize Their Bikes

Let your child personalize their bike with colorful stickers, handlebar grips, or by upgrading other parts. This sense of ownership will make their bike feel special and unique.

Dress to Impress - MTB apparel for kids

Mountain biking gear doesn't have to be dull. Consider kid-friendly, colorful riding apparel that makes them excited to gear up for a ride. Let them choose colors and patterns that reflect their personality.

Introduce Them to the Shred Til Bed Animals

Our Shred til Bed product line of books, accessories and apparel is all designed to make mountain biking more fun and relatable, using ideas kids are already familiar with (like ABC books) to introduce new concepts from the world of mountain biking. 

Consider Adding Some MTB Inspiration to Their Room

Depending on the age of your little one, hanging posters featuring breathtaking mountain biking scenes, fun Shred til Bed animals, or their favorite mountain biker can build a sense of connection to the sport.

If your kids are older, consider displaying their collection of mountain biking memorabilia, such as race numbers or medals.

Mountain biking with mum or dad is where the memories are made, but by introducing riding in other ways off the trail you’ll keep your kids stoke levels high for the next time the sun is shining and it’s time to hit the trails. So, gear up, get creative, and watch as your child's passion for mountain biking grows stronger with each ride.

A MTB gift guide: The best presents for MTB families

Mountain biking isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle that can be enjoyed by family members of any age. Whether you're looking for gifts to spark a toddler's excitement about mountain biking, or something to make riding even more enjoyable for young kids in MTB families, we've got you covered. Let's explore the best presents for MTB families.

The Best Gifts for Toddlers Who Love Mountain Biking

Mountain biking starts early for some kids, and it's never too soon to introduce them to the thrill of two-wheeled adventures. Here are some fantastic gifts tailored for toddlers who are budding mountain bike enthusiasts:

MTB Themed Books

Shred Til Bed ABC Animal Alphabet: Learning the ABCs becomes a fun adventure with this mountain biking-themed alphabet book. It's an excellent way to introduce mountain biking in a fun and relatable way from day 1.

Shred Til Bed MTB Jerseys

Get your little one excited about mountain biking with their very own "Shred Til Bed" jersey. Having their favorite riding animal on their MTB jersey is sure to get them keen to gear up,  and a great gift for little ones who already love the ABC or activity pack.


Riding shotgun with mom or dad can be chilly, especially during the colder months. Pogies, which are insulated hand covers that attach to the handlebars, keep little hands warm and cozy while allowing them to enjoy the ride without discomfort.

MTB Activity Pack

A MTB-themed activity pack is a fantastic way to engage toddlers and keep them occupied on rainy days when you can’t get out for a ride. Filled with coloring sheets, puzzles, and games – it's a great way to foster creativity while keeping the mountain bike stoke alive.

Best Gifts for Young Kids in MTB Families

As kids grow and progress onto their own bikes, their enthusiasm for mountain biking often grows too. To make their riding experience even better, consider these gifts for young kids in MTB families:

Tow Ropes

Hills can be intimidating for young riders. A tow rope designed for mountain biking allows parents or older siblings to assist kids up steep inclines, making the ride more manageable and enjoyable. It takes the hassle out of conquering those challenging hills.

MTB Apparel

Keep young riders comfortable and stylish with MTB apparel designed just for them. Consider gifting gloves, T-shirts, or jerseys featuring fun graphics and designs that reflect their love for mountain biking.

Safety Gear

Safety is paramount, and investing in quality protective gear is a thoughtful gift. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads designed for young riders ensure they stay safe while exploring the trails.

Riding Lessons or Camps

For kids who are serious about mountain biking, consider enrolling them in riding lessons or mountain biking camps. These experiences provide valuable skills, build confidence, and introduce them to a community of fellow riders.

Mountain biking is a fantastic way for families to bond, stay active, and enjoy the great outdoors together. By choosing the right gifts tailored to your child's age and interests, you'll be nurturing their love for the sport and creating lasting memories of epic rides with the whole family. Whether it's sparking the enthusiasm of a toddler or enhancing the experience of a young rider, these gifts will surely bring joy to your MTB-loving family members.