Kids Ride Shotgun presents: Sam & Indie Blenkinsop

Kids Ride Shotgun presents: Sam & Indie Blenkinsop

In this short film, Sam Blenkinsop shares his story – from getting his first bike at age 3, to how his passion for biking has developed over the years, to how life has changed since becoming a father.

When Sam’s parents bought him his first pedal bike at 3 years old, they kick-started a lifelong passion for their son. 

Now, after 17 years competing professionally at the top level of the sport, and collecting his share of silverware along the way, Sam says he’s still in love with mountain biking – just as much as when he got that first bike. 

“Biking has always been the thing that I love so much, and I always thought that if it ever became a job for me, that’s when I’d stop. But I’ve been professional now for 17 years, and I’m still so hungry for it.”

When Sam’s not wide open between the tape on a World Cup downhill track, you’ll find him on his local trails at home in Christchurch, New Zealand – sharing his passion for riding bikes with his daughter Indie.

Since becoming a Dad, Sam has juggled racing and fatherhood while remaining at the sharp end of the world cup leaderboards. For most pro’s, having kids would mean time to ease off the gas – but Sam says getting to share the things he loves with Indie has only made riding more enjoyable. 

“My riding still feels the same, I’m still as stoked as I ever was – I’m probably more stoked because I get to share that with Indie.”

Reflecting on a life of getting to see the world through racing, Sam says he now wants to show Indie what life has to offer, like his parents did for him.

And whether Indie inherits his love for 2 wheels or not, riding bikes together for them is about sharing amazing adventures, and showing Indie the world with all the incredible things in it – beyond the walls of her bedroom. 

A massive thanks to Sam, Lysh and Indie Blenkinsop for sharing their story.

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Sam Blenkinsop and young daughter Indie

Sam Blenkinsop setting up his bike"Wanna go for a ride?" 

Sam Blenkinsop and daughter Indie

Sam Blenkinsop riding with his daughter

Sam Blenkinsop on the trailsSam & Indie at their local trail in Christchurch, New Zealand 

Sam Blenkinsop riding the trails in Christchurch

Sam Blenkinsop riding a norco

Sam Blenkinsop on the trails in New Zealand#panshot anyone?

Sam Blenkinsop with his daughter

Sam Blenkinsop and his familyPost-ride treats AKA fluffies at the local

Sam Blenkinsop with his family

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