Pogies testing with Trev & Brook

Pogies testing with Trev & Brook

In this video, our EU Sales Lead Trev and his son Brook (our head product tester) take our soon-to-be-released kids pogies for a spin on a wet and cold day in Scotland. 

Our pogies are designed to keep little hands warm & dry while riding during the cooler months – extending your time on the trail! They work great on our kids handlebar attachment or on your bike's handlebars. And, if you're looking for more ways to keep the stoke high while riding during winter, check out the article: Winter riding with kids: 5 mtb-life-hacks to extend your biking season

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So excited! Let me know if you want another tester, 2 feet of snow in the last 24 hours … officially winter in Alaska now. We have been using paddling pogies for our girl the past year, but they just don’t quite fit right. Did our first snowy ride the other day, looking forward to more!

Elizabeth Drewes

I’ve had kids ride shotgun for over a year now and my 3 year old daughter won’t let me go biking without her

Andrew Glasco

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