Fitting Information & Instructions

Shotgun seat installation video: 

This video is a helpful guide for setting up the shotgun seat, but does not replace the fitting instructions, safety information and disclaimer included with every seat – which you must read before installation.

Will the shotgun seat fit my bike?

The shotgun seat fits all mountain bikes, and has a range of adjustment to fit top tubes from 35 – 68mm wide, and down tubes from 35 – 100mm wide.

Long story short, we're yet to find a mountain bike the shotgun seat won't fit, with the only exceptions being:

  • Some electric mountain bikes (due to battery width and position)
  • Bikes without front suspension (due to lack of clearance between front wheel and down tube) 

Can I use the shotgun seat on my carbon frame?

Yes, we have many customers around the world using the shotgun seat on high-end carbon mountain bikes.

The clamping force of the shotgun seat is minimal thanks to the load being shared across 5 points of contact, with each point having moulded rubber frame protection. 

If you have a question about the installation or suitability of the shotgun seat for your bike, please contact us or send us a Facebook message for a speedy reply.

Shotgun handlebars installation:

The shotgun handlebars fit 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm handlebar diameters.

To fit the shotgun handlebars to your bike:

  • Position the handlebar clamps either side of your bikes stem
  • Choose the appropriate sleeve for your handlebar size
    • The thick sleeve is for use on 25.4mm handlebars
    • The thin sleeve is for use on 31.8mm handlebars
    • No sleeve is required for use on 35mm handlebars
  • To apply the sleeve, remove the adhesive and apply to the inside of the shotgun handlebar clamps.
  • With the appropriate sleeve in place, tighten the bolts until the shotgun handlebars are secure, then conduct the pre-ride safety check below.

Shotgun handlebars pre-ride safety check:

Before using the shotgun handlebars, check the following:

  • That the shotgun handlebars are securely mounted
  • That they are not restricted or impacted by any gear, brake or dropper post cables, or any other handlebar accessories 
  • That the manoeuvrability of your bike (and your handlebars) are not impacted by the fitting of the shotgun handlebars. 

If you have a question about the installation or suitability of the shotgun handlebars for your bike, please contact us or send us a Facebook message for a speedy reply.