Intellectual property Kids Ride Shotgun

We, Kids Ride Shotgun Limited, are the owner of various rights in our SHOTGUN kids bike seat (see, including:

  1. The trademark “SHOTGUN”, registered in various countries throughout the world;

  2. The seat design Including both;

    1. Design registrations - Number; ZL 2020 3 0623861.1

    2. Utility Patent - Number; ZL 2020 2 2340146.4

  3. Copyright in our various marketing materials, including text, images and videos.

Consumers are being misled into thinking that some counterfeit websites are offering a genuine SHOTGUN product, when this is not the case, and this has the potential to seriously affect our reputation and business.

Our legal team makes sure our intellectual property is protected and we will not hesitate to enforce our rights when necessary. 

You can contact our legal team at:

Here are the following copyrighted images that Kids Ride Shotgun own & manage: