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Bike Radar Shotgun Seat Reveiw"Spotting a gap in the market for a sturdy mountain bike-proof option, New Zealand-based brand Shotgun have developed a premium top-tube mounted kids' seat. This nifty top tube mounted seat allows your bambino to shred with you"  Bike Radar

Flow MTB"This seat has really opened up a whole new world of adventure that we would have otherwise had to wait several years for, it’s so fun and easy to hit the trails together now!"  Flow MTB

Spoke Magazine"It’s a nicely made product and the only option we’ve seen that will play well with your carbon dream machine" – Spoke

AMB Magazine"The Shotgun seat makes your kid part of the adventure, with the ability to see exactly what's coming up next, unlike a conventional kids seat or trailer" – AMB

"Kids Ride Shotgun are out to reset your expectations for fun and ease-of-use when you want to bring your child along for the ride. Their design not only centers the weight better than traditional child seats, but also allows you to interact with your child and share the same field of vision." – Bike Rumor

"The Shotgun Seat has arrived just in term for some bank holiday family fun. Suitable for ages 2-5, or maximum weight of 22kg, this allows your young ‘un to ride between your arms and will fit on a range of mountain bikes." – Singletrack

Customer reviews 

“For me, the shotgun seat is the difference between riding 'with' my son, and just carrying him around like a piece of luggage!

- Robert Hardie | UK | May 2019 

"I just gifted my husband a seat and bars for his birthday. He's taken our 3 year old daughter out every day... she absolutely LOVES it and so does hubby!!"

– Karen Elizabeth | Australia | Apr 2019

"Couldn't recommend more. I've had numerous people coming up to me asking where I got it from, and my daughter absolutely loves it"

– Rhys Downman | Australia | Apr 2019

Shotgun seat specialized

"Proud to be stocking the shotgun seat. Took the little man out for a spin today, what an awesome piece of kit!"

– Uttoxeter Cycles | UK | Apr 2019

"The seat fits my 2019 Trek Slash 8 sweet, and the young fella is pretty stoked too!"

– Marty Billing | New Zealand | Mar 2019

"Top quality piece of kid. I'm very impressed with it."

– Steve Keating | Ireland | Mar 2019

"First ride out with the shotgun seat and the kids loved it. Gave them an introduction to single-track, tree roots and even some downhills 👍"

– Aidan Bishop | UK | Mar 2019

Shotgun seat in action

"We got our shotgun seat today and Nate loves it! We had a ball taking it for a spin!"

– Simon Sullivan | Australia | Mar 2019

"Finally got to setup and use our new shotgun seat. Really simple setup, streamlined, sturdy – plus it's a universal fit! And most of all, my daughter LOVES it (and I love it too). Looking forward to hitting the trails now!

 Kevin Blake | UK | Feb 2019

"Thanks for shipping the seat so quickly. Lovely bit of kit which had a successful test run today. My son Liam has just turned 3 and will be going down from full time nursery to just half days, thus plenty of afternoon rides coming up!"

 Michael Wilson-Roberts | UK | Feb 2018

"Just got back from taking my 3 year old for his first ride on this. He's bouncing off the walls and can't wait to go again. He's got his own balance bike which he loves, but this has added a whole new level of fun for him going out on the trails. Very quick and easy to install. I also found the position the kid sits in is less awkward than I expected it to be for me riding and pedalling"

 Reid Taylor | Australia | Feb 2019

"The best invention for the mountain bike yet. The Shotgun seat has renewed my love for mountain biking as i can now share it with my son. Not to mention it frees up time for mum when we are out shredding trails."

 Reece Cooper | Australia | Jan 2019

Intense Primer Shotgun Seatup

"I’ve tried a few seats and this is by far the best. Plus my daughter absolutely loves getting out on the trails with me. Easy to get on and off with no problems on my carbon frame. I highly recommend."

– Paul Greenwood | Australia | Jan 2019

"The shotgun seat gives your child front row action on your bike which gives them full visibility of whats ahead and will help develop their riding skills"

– Teddy | Drift Bikes Newcastle, Australia | Jan 2019

"Easy install. Both kids loved it. Bike felt quite balanced considering the extra weight with my daughter. Now to hit the trails!"

– Marc Schagen | Australia | Jan 2019

"I can't say enough about the shotgun seat. It's allowed Louie and I to not only ride together, but for him to also learn riding techniques that are hard to articulate in words to a 2 year old - but easy to just ride and show him how it's done. He is now progressing quicker than I can build jumps!"

– Adam McGrath | Australia | Dec 2018

"Love our shotgun! It's opened up a whole world of riding in our local trails for our son, who is 2.5 and has been using it for the past 3/4 months... he gets to do the downhills on his running bike, and hitch a ride back uphill with Dad! Great service, excellent product. We've been really, really happy with it!"

 Jen Corish | New Zealand | Dec 2018

"Hands down the best investment ever! We are stoked that we get to do what we love and have out little person come along for the fun."

 Stacey Taylor | Australia | Nov 2018

"I’m never going mountain biking on my own again! I did 15kms on the trails on Monday with the little guy up front, and it was the most fun we've ever had."

 Brendan Washington | Australia | Nov 2018

"I got my new bike a few weeks ago and wanted to be able to do a family ride, but our 3 year old was too little. My brother discovered your seat so we test drove his and ordered one straight away. Mine arrived yesterday and my daughter loves it. I know what we're doing tomorrow! Thanks for a great product!"

 Corey Ward | Australia | Sep 2018

"Money well spent. Easy to install and so, so much fun to use! We rode our local MTB trails as a family. The little one kept asking for more, so we rode for 2.5 hours. Log rollover, no problems. Drops (small), easy. Gully ride, weeehhoooo!"

 Fiona | Australia | Aug 2018

"As soon as we got it out of the box we hit the trails, so simple and easy to fit to all of our bikes and the little guy loves it!"

 Adam McGrath | Australia | Jun 2018

Shotgun seat wheelie

"Our 2 year old absolutely loves riding up front with me. And I like that I can chuck it on and off either of my bikes with minimal hassle. I’ve also cut down the steerer tube on my full suspension bike, so using a seat which mounts to the stem wouldn’t work for me, so this is great option."

 Douglas Simpson | Australia | May 2018

"We’ve tried a trailer, and we’ve had one of those bike seats mounted on the back, but this works the best. Our son Hamish is literally squealing with joy when we take him for a ride."

 Andrea MacLennan-Southgate | New Zealand | Jun 2017

"I have struggled to find a seat that fits my mountain bike frame for my 3.5 year old. Also a seat that does not scratch the bike frame, squash any external cables, and interfere with the rear suspension shock lock out switch. Also a 3.5 year old is too large for a rear or front handle bar seat. The Shotgun seat meets these requirements and fits perfectly, especially with its adjustable nature to fit any top tube frame width.

The shotgun seat handles better than a rear and front handle bar seat with the child nearer the centre of the bike. Having the child near the centre of the bike and being able to use the top your arms to steady the child gave me the confidence to be able to ride on forest trails that you would not try with a rear or front handle bar seat. It also provides the child with a front on wide view of where they are going, and also gives them the “Illusion” that they are actually steering the bike too!

The seat is ideal for a child that is in the transition between needing to be strapped into a seat and being able to ride their own larger bike. So far, the Shotgun seat and its parts feel robust and reliable. This is a great product one that I and my 3.5 year old son thoroughly enjoys."

 Brett Farquhar | New Zealand | May 2017 

Shotgun customer feedback

"I’d previously looked at bike seats for kids (my boy is almost 3 years old), but nothing would accommodate a steep top tube angle as found on any bike nowadays that isn’t just cross country or road bike.

The assembly is a piece of cake, and requires little effort, and the foot pegs leave a lot of clearance for the front wheel while also being at a good height for my son.

Overall it’s very well designed, great with a steep top tube, and it’s super simple to install / remove without damaging your bike."

 Andy Quinlan | New Zealand | Apr 2017 

"The day it arrived we were off straight to the redwoods Rotorua, Tahi and Dipper tracks. My 18 month old loved it and could hold on no worries. We've since used it at our local park and on holiday in Napier, were we did about 80km of biking over 3 days, and my daughter never complained once or seemed tired. I was amazed and would definitely recommend it, we love it!"

 Karen Isemonger-Rameka | New Zealand | Apr 2017 

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